Seeing Double.................

You will regularly see on our site pairs of cats who need to be re-homed together. You may also have noticed that, sometimes, they take longer to re-home and perhaps you have wondered why we just don't split them up. It is usually because the cats are very close to one another and due to this we feel that it would not be fair to separate them.


What are the benefits of having two cats together?

Basically they are company for one another and, if you are out at work, it is far easier to leave them together without having to worry about them so much as they amuse one another and play together, especially with kittens.

We realise that the cost of keeping two cats is higher and you are the only ones who can know whether you can meet that cost, so you would need to balance that against the joy of having two amazing cats.

At this time, we have a few cat pairs available for re-homing.

Some have been here for a while, and we believe they are very special and deserve a great home.

So if you think you are right for one of our pairs then please pay us a visit.

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Anonymous said...

We were fortunate in adopting two kittens in December, brother and sister Luna and Luka. The best decision we ever made, they are wonderful. They are constantly by each other's side. They play together, sleep together and are very happy. They keep each other company.